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1. Email Help

1.1. Outgoing email limits

Rangenet limits the number of emails an individual account can send to 30 messages per 24 hours.

(This limit is almost never reached with normal use).  This is done to prevent accidental abuse of our systems in the event someone gets ahold of your password and starts using your account to send junk mail.

If you are regularly sending emails to a large group of people- you may want to consider a mailing list service that specializes in delivering to more than 30 email addresses.

1.2. Auto-Responder

Rangenet offers an Auto-Responder that can be used to let people know you will be away from your email, or to let the sender know their message has been delivered.  (Or many other purposes).

To set this up, Log into Web Email.


Next, go to "Options" in the upper-right corner and select "Preferences".

Choose "Filtering" from the top yellow bar, and select "configure" next to "Holiday autoresponder".

1.3. Email Server Settings

Incoming Email (POP)

Protocol: POP3

Server Name: pop3.rangenet.com

Port: 995


Outgoing Email (SMTP)

Protocol: SMTP

Server Name: smtp.rangenet.com

Port: 587


1.4. What is the attachment size limit?

Our system allows attachments of up to 20 Megabytes for both inbound and outbound messages.

Messages larger than this will be refused.

1.5. Add or Change my "real" name in Web Email

When you send outgoing email, it will come from your email address, such as: username@rangenet.com.

However- there is also the option to set your First and/or Last Name so that your recipients can idetify you.

To add or change the name that shows up on your outgoing email, log into Web Email.


Then, go to "Options" in the upper right corner, and click "Preferences".

Then, type in the name you'd like to use where it says "Reply name", and click the save button above it.

1.6. How Do I Adjust my Spam Filter Settings?

The Spam Filter settings are now available within Web Email.

First, log into web email


Then click on "Options" in the upper right corner, and select "Spam Control".

1.7. What is my mailbox limit?

Rangenet customers are allowed 200 MB (Megabytes) of storage space for their email messages, and includes all of your folders. (Such as Inbox, Sent, Drafts, etc.).

The actual number of messages will vary, depending on how big they are.  Messages with pictures, videos, or attachments will generally use more space than messages with text alone.  A maximum of 10,000 messages is allowed in your Web Email INBOX at a time.

1.8. What is a "Quota"?

Quota is another term for "mailbox limit".  If you get an email saying you've reached your quota, it means your mailbox is full.

Rangenet customers are allowed a quota of 200 MB (Megabytes) of storage for their email messages, and includes all of your folders. (Such as Inbox, Sent, Drafts, etc.).